Octave V40 SE

Octave V 40 SE
Octave V40 SE
Octave V40 SE
Octave V 40 SE
Octave V40 SE
Octave V40 SE

Octave V40 SE


Octave 40 SE

The V 40 SE is a line level integrated amplifier with 2 x 40 W peak output power. He is a further development and direct descendant of the successful V 40 and V 50 amplifier models. His powerful, clear bass fundamentals and his captivating resolution in the high frequencies win much respect. His unique features lift the V 40 SE into the 21st Century, while his performance earned him the rare “Stereoplay Highlight” (issue 07-2009), a prestigious award bestowed by the German high-end audio magazine Stereoplay.

The V 40 SE output stage consists of two power pentodes (Type 6550) for each channel. Due to the BIAS Control and Monitoring System, the use of other pin-compatible output tubes is possible to match the amplifier to personal taste, or to benefit from new or improved tubes.

The V 40 SE is the perfect amp for speakers with an average efficiency rating.But not only is the low impedance capability an advantage, with his exceptional Signal-to-Noise ratio of –110dB / Full Power he is also an ideal partner for high efficiency loudspeakers.

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Power Output 2 x 40 Watt into 4 Ohm Frequency Response 20 Hz – 70 kHz @ 40 W -1 / -3 dB
5 Hz – 70 kHz @ 10 W -0 / -2 dB Total Harmonic Distortion < 0,1% @ 10 Watt into 4 Ohm Signal-to-Noise Ratio -110 dB / 40 W Noise / Ripple < 300 μV Optimum Speaker Impedance 3 – 16 Ohm Minimum Speaker Impedance 2 Ohm No-load current 28 mA - BIAS low, 34 mA - BIAS high Connections

Inputs: 4 x Line Level (Cinch)

Outputs:1 x Tape

Pre-Out and Main-In


ECO Mode, Bias Adjustment, Power Management


Push Pull Pentode Circuit
Negative Grid Voltage adjustable for each tube
with 3 turn Precision Regulators,
Wideband Output Transformers using Silicon steel PMZ Core,
single Impedance Output,
Optimum Load Impedance 3 - 10 Ohm
Nominal Speaker Impedance,
Efficiency greater than 85dB,
Amplifier remains stable with
No Load and Output short circuited

General Facts Power Consumption 350 W Weight 18,6 kg Standard Accessory Power Cord, 3 mm Screwdriver, IR-Remote Control Main Fuse 230/240 V mains: 2,5 A slow-blow type H