Innuos ZenMini MK3 Music Server

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Innuos ZenMini MK3 Music Server

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The new ZEN Mk3 Music Server Series brings in exciting new improvements in sound quality based on trickle-down technology from our award-winning ZENith SE:

  • Custom motherboards with custom firmware on all servers

  • Analogue (RCA) and Digital outputs (Optical/Coaxial) to the ZENmini

  • New Dual-Linear PSU design for the ZEN and Triple-Linear PSU with Mundorf Caps for the ZENith, both designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs

  • Asymetrical Anti-Vibration feet for the ZEN and ZENith based on the ZENith SE

Zen Mk3

Zen Mk3

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  • New Custom Motherboard with reduced EMI

  • Dual-Linear Power Supply with ultra-low noise
    regulators and Nichicon MUSE Capacitors

  • Asymmetrical isolation feet inspired by the ZENith SE

  • Medical-Grade Mains Filter

  • Dual Ethernet Ports for LAN and Streamer
    with dedicated isolation transformers

  • 8GB RAM with 4GB In-Memory playback

  • Ultra-low Noise USB Audio Output

  • New Generation Quad-core Intel CPU

Dual-Linear Power Supply

The ZEN ensures a cleaner digital signal by reducing power noise. Through a dual-linear power supply, designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs, with ultra-low noise regulator design, Nichicon MUSE Capacitors and medical-grade mains filter, your music opens up and reveals new levels of realism.

Custom Motherboard

Our own custom-made Innuos motherboard is completely reworked for optimised audio performance. Sources of EMI have been removed and internal clocks optimised, resulting in a "blacker" music background and enhanced realism

Ultra-low Noise Streamer Output

Dual-ethernet ports with isolation transformers provide an ultra-low noise network connection for your streamer, removing noise from the path and improving sound quality on all network audio.

Anti-vibration Treatment

New asymmetrical isolation feet derived from our award-winning ZENith SE plus added chassis treatment help to combat harmful vibration that affect a clean audio signal.

In-Memory Playback

Now with twice the memory of the Zen Mk2, the new Zen MK3 has 8GB RAM with 4GB dedicated memory. Music is loaded directly to memory for playback so that it doesn’t engage the hard drive, improving sound quality.

A short film about the Innuos Zen MK3